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What is Motivation Statement?

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The motivation statement is a one-page document, written by the candidate himself, that describes why he is the best candidate for this post. Motivation statement is required with the application form
when a person applies for admission to a university or a job. This emphasizes your abilities and interest in the respective post. In some cases, it is part of the application form and you do not need to write it separately.
The motivation statement is mostly written for the job application. Universities demand motivation
statement for postgraduate admissions. So, if you are going to apply for Ph.D. or Master’s admission,
practice to write the best motivation statement first. The motivation statement has a great impact. It can make the jury’s decision in your favor if it is highly inspiring.

What Should you Write in the Motivation Statement or Key Information to be Written in Motivation Statement?

The motivation statement always gives an overview of your past, present, and future. You need to
mention your academic background. Relate it with your current activities, i.e. you are seeking admission in relevant subjects. Then, write about how this study will benefit you in the future or what are your plans.
Make two parts of the motivation statement. First, write about your experience. How it will help you in
studies, and why you are sure to be successful in this area of study. Then in the second part, write about your thoughts regarding the benefits you will get after completing this program.
However, you need to answer the following questions.
1. How do you expect that your experience will help in preparing for post-graduation?
2. Describe previous responsibilities relevant to your subjects.
3. Give personal examples to elaborate on the above questions.
4. What will make you a good student?
5. What are the main areas in which you would like to improve your skills or knowledge?
6. Why this program of study is important for you?
7. What you hope to gain from this study program?
8. What are your career plans?
9. How this program will help you achieve your career goals?
10. Do you have the language proficiency required for the application?
11. What aspects of the program appeal to you the most?
That is all you need to mention, keeping the sequence the same.

Tips to Write Good Motivation Statement

Motivation statement can decide your future. Keeping this in mind, write the best about yourself.
Here are some tips that you should consider writing a good motivation statement
 Write carefully and write by yourself. Be careful and do not ask someone to do this for you.
 Check for grammatical mistakes and errors.
 It is better to write the motivation statement in MS word, or any other typing software first.
This will help you to avoid any typing errors or mistakes. Copy it and then paste to the application form or wherever the need. This will also minimize the chances to miss any important part.
 Never copy it from the internet. The jury may use different software to check plagiarism, and this
can disqualify you for the post.


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