What is IELTS ?

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The International English Language Testing System or the IELTS is basically aimed to judge the mastery of a candidate over the English language, who intend to pursue study or go for work in a country where the medium of communication is the English language. For instance, IELTS is mandatory for a student to enter any university in the United Kingdom. The IELTS test is the most renowned test to judge the proficiency of the English language not only for higher education but for global immigration across the world.

The partners for the IELTS test also conduct the IELTS life skills test, it basically assesses the speaking and listening proficiency of candidates looking for visas and Immigration for The United Kingdom.

Trust on IELTS for accessing English language learning

There are over 10,000 organizations across the world that trust IELTS to access English proficiency. Therefore, if you plan to take the test, be confident that the test is trusted globally in all aspects of life ranging from when you take the assessment, you must be confident that it is recognized not only in academia but by the government and other professional bodies all over the world.

Eligibility To Appear In An IELTS Exam

To appear in an IELTS exam the minimum education qualification required is 10+2 i.e, a candidate must have spent 12 years in his studies. The same is also required to be declared officially when you fill out the application form for the test. Usually, every university has its own requirements for the minimum score in the IELTS exams.

Fees For IELTS

The fee for IELTS varies with the country where you intend to apply. However, you can pay the fee in local currency at specific banks and branches and submit the challan form or fee deposit slip in the British council as the proof.

How do the IELTS exams work?

The test is prepared by the leading experts in the field. The test consists of the following parts.
● Listening
● Reading
● Writing
● Speaking
The IELTS exams are designed such that they access day-to-day real-life conversations effectively with the natives.

Score: The IELTS exam is scored on a scale of 1 to 9 for every portion of the exam. The overall score or commonly called as the band is the average of each section of the exam. The scores are given in factions of 0.5 starting from 1.
Validity: The IELTS scores are valid for a period of up to 2 years. If the candidates wish to have a recheck or inquiry of the score, he can formally apply for it within the 6 weeks of the results announcement date against a rechecking fee. If the score changes after rechecking the fee are fully refunded.

Selecting the right IELTS

IELTS Academic: As the name suggests, the test is basically designed for students intending to go abroad, particularly the English speaking countries for undergraduate or graduate degrees, or if you plan to become an employer in a professional organization.

IELTS General Training: The general training IELTS test for those who plan to enroll in a course lower than the degree level, or engage in work-related training. The test is valid for those seeking immigration in English speaking countries The tests provide tests essential language skills required to participate in a community of native English language speakers

For obtaining the UK Visa: The IELTS exam is accepted by the government of the United Kingdom for VISA and Immigration applications. IELTS academic test and the IELTS general training test both are accepted for visa and immigration purposes.

Not only universities but some other academic bodies also have certain IELTS band requirements for awarding scholarships. Mentioned below are some of these scholarships that require IELTS.

Horn by Educational Scholarship

Criteria: overall 6.5 bands with at least 6 bands in each section. The A S Hornby Educational Trust awards a scholarship for their single year master’s degree program majoring in English Language Teaching (ELT) or a similar subject. However, there are some more requirements, such as a bachelor degree in the applicant must be from a degree awarding institute/university within the United Kingdom. Further, the applicant must have some experience in teaching the English language. The shortlisted candidates are invited to appear in preliminary interviews and the exam scores are also taken into account before finally awarding the scholarship.

Commonwealth Fellowship Plan

Criteria: The fellowship is limited to commonwealth countries. It is awarded to candidates who have either secured admission in the UK or have earned their previous degree from the UK. However, at the time of selection, the candidate needs to be physically present within their native country. The fellowship is awarded to 65 scholars every year. It covers airfare, living allowance as well as the tuition fee and is awarded to students from a large number of fields, including but not limited to agriculture, humanities, social sciences, medical sciences, and engineering.


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