What is an online course?

Introduction Distance learning courses.

An instructional designer said that face to face education has now become outdated. Online courses are being encouraged all over the world. The main goal of these courses is to be engaging. The Learner should not only hear but apply it.

Online courses taking education to the next level and provides enough knowledge of different topics. Lessons can be accessed through web browsers or mobile phones at any time.

A renowned director of education said in an interview that online learning provides a different environment for learning. A huge advantage is all-time access to courses.

online learning composed of information through articles videos images web links etc., discussion and student capabilities.

There is no mathematical calculation for a good online course said by Berghage hence in a good online course a great sense of community and investment. These courses do not include only lectures; they require feedback, vision, and interest said Jean Mandernach, Grand Canyon University’s psychology professor.


In an academic and professional setting, a student’s goal is to enhance an academic career. School administration designs course objectives.

In the United States, 1.8 million students enrolled in 2009-1o in online courses. In which 73% were high school, 63% of students missed classes, 45% were dual High school, 28% were absent and 25% were career and technical education. In Canada, only 5% of students show interest in distance learning. In the US 22400 schools provide cyber schooling. In china 202 online schools are serving more than 6 million students.

Personal learning and happy students

Personal learning provides the best platform for online courses.

A huge number of students took admission to online courses offering personal knowledge.

Credit or not

Credit introduces many imperatives, with normalized educational programs, accreditation, and prerequisites to sort out the learning the executive’s frameworks huge establishments use to oversee understudies and educators. When credit is obtainable, the course builds toward a student’s graduation, qualification, or long – term career goals, thus, students are willing to pay substantial enrolment fees, and endure crummy experiences.

Professors of Stanford University offer the most popular online courses in fall 2011. The course includes assignments and discussions. Students who passed received accomplishment letters.

Measuring up

Assessment is key for progress. Teachers invented different ways to enhance student’s capabilities by arranging presentations and projects.

Assessment is challenging in this world, it is hard to measure the qualities of students and students also cheat in exams. Assessments should include different aspects to judge students’ qualitative nature.

Human touch

Human -Human collaboration is better.

With Teacher- Feedback from teacher essay, test, lecture. Teachers can take part in online discussions with some comments and different activities.

With other students- Students enjoy working with their classmates by discussing different aspects of the lecture in a discussion box designed in courses.

A personal style- online courses enhance the abilities of students, they think deeper on a problem because the teacher is behind the screen. Self-studying helps students to research and other information.

The sky’s the limit?

There are some practical limits. For instance, a teacher can only provide personalized feedback to a comparatively small number of scholars. Five minutes per question, for 25 student questions, is over two hours of labor. If the feedback requires a more critical appraisal, online teaching quickly becomes a full-time job. There also are practical limits on the dimensions of online discussion communities. Too small, and there’s no discussion, but over a couple of hundred students, and the conversation gets swamped. For a few courses, it’s appropriate to answer the foremost popular questions. Google’s moderator service allows students to vote on the foremost popular questions, allowing thousands of scholars to participate in choosing questions. questions on assignments or technical issues are often public questions.

A professor once said in an interview that the coming years will be the years of online education. Students should realize this and the importance of online courses.


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