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What is a Studentship?

After Graduation, Research Studies

The Studentship is a way to finance your studies just like the scholarship. It is a bit different from scholarship as it is always qualification based and requires work in return. It is provided for the research studies after graduation i.e. for Masters and Ph.D. research work. You work for the research council or the studentship provider to get your studies financed. That is to say, you do your study more like a job, and you have to follow all the requirements of the studentship provider.

Who Offers Studentship

As the studentship is provided for the special research projects or studies, it is usually offered by the Research councils of the country or any other prominent organization from academia. 

Who can apply?

Your skill, capabilities, and grades to decide whether you are able to get studentship or not. A specific criterion is decided for a particular studentship. Anyone eligible according to the criteria can apply for the studentship. Mostly, it is offered for postgraduate and P.HD students.

How to apply?

Studentship providers either post ads in the newspaper, on their website, or on other promotional websites. You can simply search on the internet about the latest studentships of the year. Once you find the one that suits you, apply for it. The procedure of the application is very simple. You just have to provide all the personal information and academic records of yourself. The information should be genuine and valid. 

Criteria of Studentship

The criteria, and requirements of studentship vary from country to country and even from department to department. Like one department may demand you to work as a research assistant or others can ask you for any other task.  For instance, in the United States of America, students are asked to do a research project or a summer assignment. In return, they get a good amount free of tax, if they do work flawlessly. There the studentship is only awarded for P.HD level research work.

In the United Kingdom, the studentship is just like the scholarship. There is no prominent difference. However, for a famous university in the UK, the studentship is more like a fellowship. The Fellowship is not necessarily a financial aid, rather it can be a status or designation in any renowned institution or organization.

The Studentship is enough to cover your tuition fee and daily living requirements, like house rent, travelling etc. It depends on the country and the studentship provider that how many funds you will get with studentship.

Benefits of Studentship

The first advantage of the studentship is financial aid. You get the expense of your research work as it costs a lot in most of the cases. The financial aid is not the only advantage of studentship. As you work with the studentship providing company or research council, you gain a lot of experience and practical knowledge. You get a chance to work in the supervision of highly qualified persons. This also helps you in getting a good job afterward. 


saeed rana

I was a student leader in my college life and used college student union funds for the help of student's issues and their financial problems. After completing my education, I worked on poverty and education projects, these exercises increased my level of experience. For those students who are struggling with how to find and apply for an international scholarship? I have decided to write educational articles for those. Writing articles on topics like student affairs is now my passion and I can say that it is charity work.

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