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What are The Different Types of Scholarship Opportunities in the World

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There are different types of scholarships. Being a college student, you may be familiar with merit- the based scholarship only. Merit-based scholarships are awarded based on good grades. There are a lot of other reasons that can lead you to the scholarship awards. Some of them are

  • Sports
  • Majors
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Community work
  • Gender
  • Creative work
  • First-generation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Many more reasons are still there to outline. So, we can conclude that depending upon these reasons, there are various types of scholarships. Knowing types of scholarship will help you to decide the best possible scholarship for you.
    Here are the different types of scholarships with details.

Sports or Athletic Scholarships

This is a well-known type of scholarship among all other types. Some students are not good at grades, but they are excellent in sports. Athletic scholarships are designed for them. They are awarded to the students who are best in sports like volleyball, badminton, etc. scholarships are not limited to these sports only. Now a day, every sport has its scholarship awards to encourage the student players.
Usually, a good amount is awarded as an athletic scholarship each year. For this reason, there is much competition in getting this type of scholarship too. You must be among the top players to win the scholarship.
Internet surfing is not enough to find such scholarships. You must remain in touch with the couch and college sports advisor to know about the available scholarships. You can also contact some student counselors to get information.

Scholarship by Major

This type of scholarships is based on the major subjects you choose for study. It is good to decide you, majors, before coming to university. So, that you can research the scholarships Most of the universities offer scholarships in certain subjects only. You can research about such scholarships before admission. Then apply to the respective universities that offer you major’s scholarship.

Scholarships for Ethnic Minorities

Yes, scholarships are based on ethnicity too. A democratic country always takes extra care of the
minorities. This may be a step in this regard. Most of the colleges and universities offer scholarships
for all ethnic minorities or some ethnic minorities. It depends on college priorities and criteria. This
type is not much famous and most of us do not know about it. This is the reason for the loss of the chance of getting money. So, do not lose this chance if you are one of them.

Along with the ethnic criteria, there may be additional criteria for the scholarship award, too. A good academic award can be an additional requirement.

Community Service Scholarship

Some students are more indulge in community work. College appreciates the work of such students by awarding them a scholarship. Such scholarships come in the category of community service scholarships. If you are one of such students, then search for these scholarships.

Creative Scholarships

Creative people are never neglected. That is the reason, there is a type of scholarship for them.
Those who work in arts, design, music, calligraphy, or any other creative field, they can get a scholarship based on their talent.
For this, you need to send your portfolio along with the scholarship application. This decides whether
you will get a scholarship or not. There are other requirements with the portfolio too. You need to fulfill

First Generation Scholarships

This type of scholarship is available to encourage education. Understanding that financial issues can be a reason for illiteracy, this type of scholarship is awarded to the first person of the family who is going to college or university. The need is to enquire about such scholarships from university and internet research. This will help you in getting a scholarship.


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I was a student leader in my college life and used college student union funds for the help of student's issues and their financial problems. After completing my education, I worked on poverty and education projects, these exercises increased my level of experience. For those students who are struggling with how to find and apply for an international scholarship? I have decided to write educational articles for those. Writing articles on topics like student affairs is now my passion and I can say that it is charity work.

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