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University fees are rising nowadays in all parts of the world. You cannot get a good education in your own country as well as abroad without having a handsome amount to be paid or without having a scholarship. A number of countries provide free education or minimum fee structures for good students. You just have to know about it.

The following countries provide free education or education at a very affordable cost.


Students prefer to study in countries like Germany because many public sector universities offer free education. You just have to pay around one hundred and fifty Euro to two hundred and fifty Euro to cover administration costs.

This thing attracts students from all over the world because this is beneficial for both students and their parents. 40 above German universities ranked above in QS World University Rankings.

If you succeed to find a university having no tuition fee you still have to pay the living cost. For a German student visa, you have to show your living expenses of around eight hundred and fifty Euro a month.

The state of Baden-Wurttemberg in southwest Germany introduces tuition fee for non- European students. They have to pay 3ooo per year except for Ph.D. and refugee students who pay €1300 per year.


France is not known for low-cost education like Germany, but students can study free here regardless of their nationality.

French universities only charge €170 per year which is just a fraction amount as compared to other countries.

From 2019/2020 non-EU/EEA students pay a high amount in the context of the tuition fee (€2770) per year for bachelor’s degrees. French government provide scholarships to students as well up to 7000 to 21000

Like Germany, many subjects are taught in the native language. You can increase your French learning skills by the additional study of the French language but you have to pay for it.

Living cost is quite affordable (€9600) per year. If you are willing to live in Paris you have to pay more.

Nordic countries

Having the high status of life and staggering nature northern European countries (known as the Nordic nations) likewise the most grounded high-level education frameworks on the planet.

countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden all offer chances to concentrate free or effortlessly:

In Norway, college study is accessible for nothing out of pocket to all understudies, paying little mind to contemplate level or ethnicity. Like Germany, you will just need to pay a semester expense, for this situation around NOK 3oo-6oo (~US$33-66).

Most undergrad programs are shown uniquely in Norwegian. At ace’s and Ph.D. levels, English language programs are unquestionably more normal, and free educational cost actually applies.

In Iceland, there are no educational expenses charged at the nation’s four-state funded colleges, with just an enlistment charge of around ISK 75000 (~US$6oo) a year.

Denmark, Sweden, and most as of late Finland just expanded their advantages for free education to understudies from inside the EU/EEA implying that understudies from outside these areas must compensate educational expenses for the single guy’s an ace’s projects. Notwithstanding, Ph.D. programs in these nations are completely subsidized, offering outstanding Ph.D. applicants the opportunity to pick up their degree without paying expenses, and gain a pay. Non- EU/EEA understudies can likewise still take examinations in Finland for nothing on the off chance that they concentrate in either Swedish or Finnish.

Global expenses at the single man and ace levels in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland fluctuate. In Denmark, college charges range from between DKK 45000 and DKK 120000 (~US$6,67o-17,8oo) every year, while in Sweden they fall between SEK 8o,ooo and SEK 145,ooo (~US$8,2oo-14,87o) for most courses. In Finland, the as of late acquainted educational expenses presently sum with at any rate €1,5oo (~US$1,7oo) every year, albeit most understudies will pay between €6,ooo – 18,ooo (~US$6,64o-19,9oo) every year.

For free education, other study places in Europe

Should;t something is said about different spots to read in Europe for nothing or with ease? There are various European nations that offer moderate or free colleges, with no compelling reason to forfeit on quality. See underneath for additional models.


Another nation where understudies can read in Europe for nothing (or at an exceptionally minimal effort) is Austria. EU/EEA understudies appreciate similar rights as Austrians with regards to the expense of advanced education and can read for nothing at any degree level. Outside understudies of the EU/EEA ought to expect somewhat higher expenses of around €726 (~US$8o3) per semester.

Living costs will interfere with all understudies around €11,4oo (~US$12,6oo) a year. Vienna, Austria’s capital city, was positioned thirteenth in the QS Best Student Cities 2o19.


There are two principal language networks in Belgium, each with their own position on college charges. Notwithstanding, EU understudies will pay a limit of just €9o6 per year. it’s simply EU understudies who get the significant advantages of having the option to read in Europe for nothing, charges are still genuinely moderate for non-EU global understudies, at around €4,175 (~US$4,62o) every year. Your living cost in Belgium with a financial plan of around €11,4oo (~US$12,6oo) maybe a year. The capital city, Brussels, was positioned joint 43rd in the current year’s QS Best Student Cities.

Czech Republic

Understudies who communicate in Czech can read abroad for nothing in the Czech Republic at any state-funded college. Understudies who wish to concentrate on English can likewise concentrate decently economically, at around €4,ooo-12,ooo (~US$4,425-13,275) every year. Living expenses are more reasonable than in numerous nations in western Europe, at around US$9,ooo every year.

The Czech capital city, Prague, is positioned joint 35th in the QS Best Student Cities.


All understudies from inside the EU/EEA can read abroad for nothing in Greece at state-funded colleges and universities, except for some ace’s projects. Worldwide understudies from outside of the EU are likewise qualified for minimal effort advanced education, at roughly €1,5oo (~US$1,66o) every year. Greece offers perhaps the most minimal average cost for basic items in the European Union.


Private colleges like Albeit in Italy also charge genuinely high expenses of educational, state-funded colleges in Italy are uniquely less expensive, charging somewhere in the range of €9oo and €4,ooo (~US$995-4,42o) every year for undergrad programs. EU understudies are qualified for similar subsidizing open doors as Italian understudies, including advances, awards, grants, and expense waivers. Milan is positioned 4oth in the latest QS Best Student Cities, while capital city Rome is 7oth.


EU understudies aren’t needed to pay high training expenses in Spain, while worldwide understudies can read for somewhere in the range of €75o and €2,5oo (~US$83o-2,76o) every year at public organizations. Expenses are charged on a for each credit premise and can be higher at the graduate level. To live in Spain, you ought to hope to spend somewhere in the range of €1o,8oo, and €13,2oo (~US$11,94o – 14,6oo) a year in living expenses. Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia are completely included in the QS Best Student Cities, with Barcelona the most elevated positioned at 21st.


While Argentinian understudies all appreciate admittance to free colleges, global understudies ought to hope to pay a little, ostensible charge to select at state-funded colleges in the nation. Private organizations in Argentina, then again, can charge upwards of US$5000 per year. In the QS Best Student Cities 2o19, the Argentine capital Buenos Aires is 31st.


In India, global understudies will ordinarily pay educational expenses of no higher than US$7,3oo per year, however, private college and graduate charges will be more costly. Living expenses in India are, for most understudies, prone to be exceptionally engaging – as indicated by Numbeo, purchaser costs are 163 percent less expensive than in the UK, while rental costs are as much as 391 percent less expensive. Generally, you ought to have the option to live serenely on as meager as US$4,3oo per year. Notwithstanding, it’s important that worldwide understudies are;t permitted to work in India during their examinations.


Educational expenses in Taiwan offer extraordinary worth, with its top colleges offering moderate projects. For instance, National Taiwan University, the area’s driving college at 69th in the QS World University Rankings, charged college understudies just TW$100,920-124,200 that is equal to thirty-two hundred US dollars to three thousand nine hundred and sixty-five US dollars, every year in 2o17 and 18.

In the QS Best Student Cities 2019, Taipei has positioned seventeenth on the planet and fourteenth for reasonableness.


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