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Tips to Write Best Motivation Letter

Very Important Thing To Win A Scholarship

Motivation Letter is written to impress the recruiter or admission officer. This shows your interest in a particular job, admission, or scholarship. As this letter can influence the decision of the jury, you need to be very critical while writing it.
This article will help you in writing an impressive motivation letter.

Things to Consider while Writing a Motivation Letter

  • Plan a Concept
    Before writing the letter, it is important to plan everything. Get the concept first. Determine your approach to a career with respective subjects or scholarship and why you are the best candidate for it. After that choose the layout for writing a letter. Then, choose the structure of the letter i.e. Number of paragraphs and length.
  • Find out the Criteria of Ideal Candidate
    To grab someone’s attention it is important to address what someone needs. Use the same trick and try to figure out the criteria of the ideal candidate by reading the admission requirements or scholarship essay title.
  • Offer Solutions
    In case you are writing a motivation letter for a job then try to present the solution to the problem for which recruiters offered this post. This will be very beneficial in making you the potential candidate.
  • Confident Ending
    Letter ending should be motivating. It should show your confidence that you are the potential candidate and you will get the job or scholarship. You can end up with sentences like, I know I will be a good addition to your team.

Motivation Letter to Study Abroad

You need to answer the following questions in a motivation letter to study abroad.

  • Do you want to study abroad?
    This is the first question that you need to answer in the motivation letter. Think before you write the answer. Always express your motive in a positive way. Like you may write about your interest in their study program and study culture. You may also want to study abroad to pursue career goals. Never say that you just want to live there or want more money. Such things will have a negative impact. This shows you are less interested in the study program.
  • Do you have prior experience of abroad study?
    This question is asked to check whether you will survive in a new environment or not. You have to stay there to complete your study. If you have any experience share it in a positive way, like it was a great experience. I lived their happily. If you never visited any other country, then show them you are willing to go abroad and confidently say that you will have a good experience.
  • Why you are the best fit to study abroad?

Here you need to write about your personality. How it is best to fit for an international community.

Some Additional Tips

  • Be Professional
    The motivation letter is written as a professional document. So, choose a proper layout and business format. Use professional language. Set your tone accordingly.
  • Give a Solid Introduction
    The introduction is the first part of the letter. If the start of anything is not interesting, reader or view lose interest and
  • Do Research
    Before writing the motivational letter, get some information about the university to which you are applying for admission. This information should include a mission statement, admission procedure, dues & fee, details of the program you are going to apply for. Keep this information in your mind and add it to the letter in a proper way. This will show that you researched everything before application and are really interested in it.
  • Promote Yourself
    Think about a promotion. Promotions mean to show off all the positive and unique things to convince the buyer or customer. Here, you need to convince the admission officer and motivation letter is your promotion. Highlight all of your positive aspects. The thing that makes you different from others? How your personality affects others positively.
  • Outline First
    Before writing the letter, list out everything that you will write. In other words, make an outline. Then write the letter by following this outline.
    Try to answer these questions.
    Introduce yourself and what are you applying for?
    Why did you select this University/degree/program?
    How did you hear about this study program or university?
    Why you are the ideal candidate for this program?
    What makes you an ideal candidate?
    What life experiences have prepared you for this degree or university?
    What work do experiences support your admission to the university or study program?
    What qualities do you have? What skills or qualifications do you have?
  • Avoid Repetition
    Do not make your letter boring and untidy. Do not repeat information. Like, ignore the things you mentioned in the application already.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Humor                                                                                                          You are writing a professional letter. Keep your tone professional. Do not add unnecessary humor. This may have a negative impact on admissions officers or recruiters.
  • Fulfill University Requirements                                                                                                        It is important to fulfill all the requirements of the university. If not your application may be rejected. This also helps recruiters or universities to choose the people who are really interested in job or admission.
  • Stretch it Out                                                                                                                                 You are actually doing creative writing. You need to write a unique letter. To fresh your mind take little breaks during writing. Take tea during this break, exercise, or rest. This will give room for new ideas. Mistakes can also be highlighted easily.
  • Fix it Up                                                                                                                                              It is rare that you get the best letter on the very first attempt. First, write a rough letter. Check it for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Analyse is it easy to read. Is the format impressive? Do it look professional. Use official font style and size. Keep the requirements of the university in mind and rewrite accordingly.

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