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The quality of higher education in China has significantly improved in the last a few years, many of its universities have been listed among the top universities around the world by the QS rankings as well as the times of higher education in recent years.

Legislations including the execution of research enhancement schemes like the project 211, the project 985 as well as recent popular Double First Class University Plan aimed at the standards and quality of the top 100 and the 40 universities in China, respectively, has indeed resulted in elevating the university rankings to new highs.

The improvement in university ranking is catching the attention of the prospective students too. China with its gigantic size is home to over 20% of the entire population of earth. It is also listed among the fastest developing economies. With its unique cuisines and culture, it has a lot to offer to the rest of the world. Apart from recent advances in technology, infrastructural development and mighty structures it also offers one of the world’s most breathtaking natural landscapes on planet earth, ranging from the beautiful and colourful Rainbow Mountains located in the Zhangye region to the beautifully cultured settlements famous for fishing and naturally gifted with beautiful coasts, China has something unique to offer for everyone.

With ever-growing and increasing universities, to select a place to pursue an education in China is not an easy task with hundreds of universities on the list. To make the selection process less tedious for the international students the government of China has made categories for top universities.

In 1995, project 211 was put forward to elevate the research quality to be carried out in top universities of China. Institutes and universities that achieve certain standards are encouraged by increasing the findings.  A total of 112 institutes of higher education are part of project 211.

Whereas, Project 985 was designed in 1998. It opted for a similar strategy, however, only 39 have been rewarded with funding so far through this project. Moreover, in 2011 it was declared that no more universities would be associated with this project. 

The topmost universities of China are categorized under a group titled C9 league. These top 9 universities of China, receive 10 per cent of the total research budget allocated by the government. 

The most recent developments are the initiative of introducing the Double First-Class University Plan. The objective of the plan is to establish a cluster of premier Chinese universities as well as specific schools and departments into topnotch universities in the coming 30 years i.e., by 2050. A total of 42 institutes have been associated with this project.

The top 5 Chinese universities 

  1. Tsinghua University

Undoubtedly, Tsinghua University tops the list. It was established in 1911in Beijing’s Haidian District.

It still has a touch of the traditional Chinese architecture, lying side by side with clusters of buildings with a western look, giving a reflection of the American influence the campus has been through. 

The Tsinghua University is a topnotch comprehensive university producing quality research in almost all disciplines. It consists of 20 schools having 54 departments covering various disciplines from law, literature and medical sciences to engineering and history, to name a few.

The university is rich in recreational activities with its over 110 student societies and associations encompassing disciplines ranging from science and technology to arts, sports and community welfare. 

The alumni of the Tsinghua University are making their mark in all aspects of life such as in academic, industry and politics. It is a great honour for Tsinghua to have two of their graduates winning the Nobel prize, namely the Tsung-Dao Lee and Yang Chen Ning.  

  1. Peking University 

The Peking University also located in Beijing is among the Highest-ranked institutions of the country and also a league member of the C9.

It was founded in 1898, and considered as the first modern national university of the country. It has earned a good reputation throughout the years.

The most popular among its campuses are those located in the Haidian in Beijing. It consists of one of the most beautiful gardens across the city as well as home to beautiful traditional architecture.  

3. USTC-The University of Science and Technology of China

USTC was founded in Hefei, the capital of the Anhui province, with the aim of boosting education related to science and technology. 

The university consists of 15 schools, most of which are closely related to science and technology. It is also home to two national laboratories, making it the only university in China to have this honour. The USTC also has a huge library, along with topnotch computing-network as well as a medical facility centre for the students, faculty and other employees along with their families. The medical centre also facilitates the student pursuing medical degrees.

  1. Zhejiang University

The Zhejiang University, founded in 1987, is also among the top-ranked universities of the country. Not only is the university among one of the oldest in the country but also one of the most prestigious one.

The research is being carried out at Zhejiang University in almost 12 disciplines. A few research centres are established within the main campus, these also include the 6 national engineering research centres, along with the 3 three national key research centres in the disciplines of social and human sciences. The university has 13 academies for independent education and researches. 

The university, due to its good reputation, has successfully liaised with around 140 universities and 30 countries around the globe. 

  1. Fudan University

The famous Fudan University, also a member of the C9 League, consists of four campuses in Shanghai. The university adopted the liberal arts methodology in teaching. A few of the courses are also being taught in English. The university aims to make the university go international and has launched several international exchange programs with over 200 universities worldwide. Students at the university are highly encouraged to apply for these international exchange programs and it was observed that around 40 per cent of the students elect to do this. 


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