Out Break Corona Virus & International Scholars Crises

Students Should Able To Continue Their Studies

All international scholars in the world are also involved uncertainties due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many students involve in the crises and unsure about what to do next. A lot of students are stuck up due to the closing borders of their countries. On ground reality tells us that everything is closed and canceled, all of the superlative efforts will be taken, we are at the mouth of risk and so much uncertainty jaws are open everywhere. In these circumstances, China’s success provides a big hope for the rest of the world.

World Health Organization (WHO) also appreciates China’s battle with the coronavirus, if other countries and societies follow the strategy governments of China they will succeed.

International universities are taking part in struggles to make sure the students should able to continue their studies.


saeed rana

I was a student leader in my college life and used college student union funds for the help of student's issues and their financial problems. After completing my education, I worked on poverty and education projects, these exercises increased my level of experience. For those students who are struggling with how to find and apply for an international scholarship? I have decided to write educational articles for those. Writing articles on topics like student affairs is now my passion and I can say that it is charity work.

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