How to write a research paper and resources

For graduation, you must write at least one research paper. It is difficult to write a research paper because you haven’t written it before.

This article helps you to write a good quality research paper.

The process

The following steps can help in writing a good research paper.

Step 1: Get familiar with the assignment

Before writing a research paper you must consult with your professor. Students do not pay attention to this and face difficulties in writing a research paper and secures low grades.

Undergo deep study of the assignment. Consider your teacher’s instructions. It helps you in making a rough sketch in your mind and helps to decide on which topic you are going to write a research paper.

Step 2: Pick a topic

When you made your mind about a topic, now it’s time to take interest in it. Choose a topic that seems interesting to you. Do not go for difficult ones. Stick to the sketch in your mind. Sometimes selecting a controversial topic helps you in writing a good research paper.

Carefully listen to the instructions given by your teacher about your topic. If your favorite topic makes you uncomfortable then choose another one that fits into the guidelines given to you by the teacher. You do not have to be professional at the beginning, take a slow race. At the end of the paper, you will be an expert on the topic.

Step 3: Research

It looks simple, but this step is the main body of the research paper. Many people have different searching methodologies. Stay focused on the topic and work smartly.

Things you need to know as you research finds, skim, authentic resources, and do not ignore the information.

First skimming. You cannot read all text at a time. the process is long term. You have to read things smartly. You have to find key points by just going through the text.

Next, you have to find authentic resources for your information. Wikipedia gives you information about many things but doesn’t take it as the final source. Go for other reliable resources for your research data.

Don’t ignore the information. For example, some studies show that octopus DNA matches alien DNA but when you dig deeper you will find that it is just an assumption. It is not proven by scientists. It means don’t go for information authenticity in a single click. Carefully examine the information. For this purpose, you have to read multiple articles for the same information.

Step 4: Organize your research

The next step is organizing your research. Many people have different organizing styles. You should follow your teacher’s guidelines. If your research should be organized like a bibliography then you should write it in the same way but if you think you can organize it in a different manner and it would be helpful then go for your own organizing technique.

Step 5: Form a thesis

When you organize your stuff now it’s time to make it as a thesis. This helps people to understand which topic you have written this research paper, what is your agenda? what message you are giving? on which particular thing your research was carried out. It should be in one statement. Often called a thesis statement.

Step 6: Create an outline

It depends on your nature of the assignment whether you should make an outline for your paper. If your teacher has not advised you to write an outline then there is no need for that. But in the majority of cases, it is helpful in writing.

Creating outlines is as important as the skeleton in our bodies. It behaves like a skeleton in your research. You get focused on the content you had prepared. You critically analyze each and every step. From start to end you have a plan on which you organize your things.

Step 7: Write

Now I’m time to actually write your paper. You have done enough work to reach this point. Don’t go for perfect grammar and professional writing. You just need to write your idea first.

Work at your own idea. Don’t write directly from your research. It eliminates your idea and you only copy someone’s idea. If you write your own stuff then it will help you to avoid plagiarism.

Citation is very important in your text. If you take information from a source word by word then cite it in the text and in the reference page. Common known facts are not required to be cited. For example, Earth is round. This information is written by almost everyone and it is a fact so you don’t need to cite it in your text.

Step 8: Edit for content

You have done your writing a research paper. Now it’s time to recheck your content. You worked hard to come to this point so don’t worry about perfection. Try your best to create a good paper as perfectly as you can.

Now start the editing process. Your sentence structures, your provided information, your research paper length, whether it meets the audience criteria, and many more. You should take care of all these things before finalizing the draft.

Once you are done with all the changes and information, read it again just to know, there is no grammar mistake. If there is any you can correct it at this stage. Sometimes we are blinded by continuously looking at the same thing. You will not be able to identify the mistake. So, if you are blinded by your research paper just ask someone to help you in rereading the content.

Step 9: Edit for grammar

When you are done with your writing, it is time for your research paper to go through a quick grammar check. You can use the tools that help you analyze where commas, semi-colon, etc are used. If you want some rest then go for a walk and get some fresh air. When you come back you will be more focused on the mistakes.

Step 10: Give it a Read Again and Submit

When you finish doing all 1-9 steps, now take some rest. Now print out your text and go through a deep re-check. When you are time focused on the screen, many mistakes are invisible to you. So take a print out and check the formatting, grammar mistakes, and others. When all things are clear, now you can submit it.

Submit your assignment on due time and date. For some reason, you got late then immediately contact your teacher via email or any other source of communication.


Teacher or professor
If the teacher has given you some assignment, then think that it is an opportunity to seek some knowledge. Do not get fed up with your teacher. Nobody is perfect. Think you are a student and practice makes a man perfect. No one can do 100% in a single go. Be polite to your instructors. Question them again and again if you are facing queries in understanding something.

Research Librarians; Librarians are often neglected by the students. They much helpful for you because they specialized in research. They can help you find resources for your topic in very little time. They know from where you can find your concerned topic details.

Writing centers; Many college/Universities develop writing centers for students. You can take in-person appointments or online appointments and improve your writing skills.

Wikipedia; Information on Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, so it is not 100% perfect. Do not rely on Wikipedia for taking primary information for your research paper. You can find articles and books in the references so you can take information from there and cite them as well.

Academic Database; Some instructors only prefer information to be collected from academic databases. Many schools, colleges made academic databases for the ease of students. If you don’t know how to use it then consult with your teacher. Many scholarly articles you can find in this type of database.

Grammarly; When you are done your writing then go for a spell checker. You can find your spelling mistakes in your text. Many advanced spell checkers and sentence checkers are present in the market. Grammarly is an extension for chrome and you can use it for free. You can also get a Grammarly premium for a better experience.

Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University; This online resource offers a number of helpful writing materials, including information on how to cite sources, grammar rules, choosing a topic, and even how to write a research paper. You can search for specific help, or browse resources by category. This free website is a must-visit online resource when writing a college research paper.


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