How expensive is it to study in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is one of the favorite spots for international students. Not only the universities in the UK are among the top universities in the world but also the London city itself fascinates many people because of its better quality of life, availability of all basic necessities, and good job opportunities.

The United Kingdom is considered a very expensive city in general, which is true. London is among the most expensive capitals in the world. Regardless of all your efforts in saving money, you still need a large sum of money to be able to survive in the UK particularly in London.

Even though it’s quite expensive, it is still a dream place for many students who are looking to pursue a degree from a top university. This article is all about the cost of studying in the UK. So if you are planning to study in the United Kingdom this article will help you to estimate your expenses including all academic and non-academic charges.

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University charges depend on your degree program, time period of the degree program, the university where you are studying and the city where you live.  It can vary from 17,000 to 25,000 dollars. Degrees such as psychiatry or medicine costs more than a degree in arts or finance. Also, the difference between undergraduate and postgraduate programs is remarkable. University charges may not be affordable for many students but the good thing is there are many scholarship opportunities provided by universities or the British government. Some international students can also get financial aid from their governments.

On average cost is about 20,000 US dollars.

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Residence in the United Kingdom is quite expensive as compared to many other countries. There are many options available for students to live in. Students can choose to live in a university dorm or any private apartment, according to their financial status, comfort, and other facilities available.

The cheapest residence for students has shared room apartments, although it is the least expensive accommodation it has some disadvantages, for example, you have to compromise on your privacy. So, if you are willing to share your room with a complete stranger, you can easily find these apartments in East London. it would cost you around 117 to 234 dollars per week. Some students may not prefer shared apartments due to lack of privacy or location, they can rent a single room which can be expensive and can cost up to 700 to 900 US dollars. Some universities also provide dormitories for students which are very affordable.

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British policy

A student must have 1020 Euros (around 1200 US dollars) per month to be eligible to stay and study in the United Kingdom. Although it is slightly higher than the average expenses of a student but is a requirement from the border agency of the United Kingdom.

Even though the UK seems like a very expensive country to live in, if you are lucky enough to find a part-time job in England, you will be able to live a comfortable life there.


England is famous for its street food. You can find a variety of food with great quality and taste at a reasonable price.  If you are not fond of street food, there are also some restaurants which are quite reasonable. If spent wisely you can spend a week in the UK with spending no more than 20 to 25 US dollars on food. But if you want to save money then the cheapest and least expensive method is, of course, cooking at home.

Some universities also provide discounts on canteen food for students, by this you can save money on a daily basis. The average amount spent on food is around 25 to 45 US dollars weekly or 1400 to 2300 dollars annually.

Travel expenses

If you live near your university you can go on foot or by cycle, which costs nothing. Public transport is very common in the United Kingdom, it is easily available and quite comfortable. In case you take the bus, it is the cheapest means and the bus ticket costs only about  1.75 dollars. Students can avail discounts only by applying for an Oyster card for students which will help you get discounts or weekly or monthly off on rides.

The weekly cost for students is around 20 to 40 dollars or 800 to 1800 us dollars per year.

However private cars and cabs are a more convenient means of transport but it can cost you much more.

Other expenses

The United Kingdom is very famous for its attractive tourist spots. You cannot simply leave London without exploring its beauty. Lake District Corfe castle, Cambridge, and Jurassic coast are some of the places which you simply cannot miss while you stay in England.

However, picnics to these spots can be expensive for students. But with little savings and part-time jobs they can easily afford to visit these places

Night clubs

One of the most famous things about London is its night clubs. These are not only famous among local students but foreign students also enjoy some nights at these clubs to relax and take their mind off from their studies. These night clubs are the cheapest means of entertainment for students as it costs only 8 to 12 dollars.

Miscellaneous expenses

These miscellaneous expenses are quite expensive when you start to spend. These include stationery items, clothes, random expensive lunch or dinner, clothes, and some household items. Once you arrive in England you can easily find some convenience stores which sell less expensive household and stationery stuff.


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