Difference between Scholarship and Studentship

Study Abroad Through Studentship or Scholarship

Getting quality higher education in today’s world has become essential, however, expensive. Particularly studying abroad is once in a lifetime experience that comes at a hefty fortune. Fortunately, there are schemes that can fund your study abroad expenditures. Not only these are beneficial in terms of finances, but also numerous other significant benefits that can’t be ignored. Winning a funding opportunity gives you recognition and confidence. The rigorous competition and then winning makes you stand out among your peers. It also lessens your worries about finances during studies and thus provides you with more time to learn and study. This funding comes in different varieties and names. The most common being the scholarships and studentships. Although the definition of both varies with regions, a comparison is drawn in this article.

Scholarships are mostly referred to the financial aid awards aimed at attracting and helping students. These mostly cover all academic and living expenses. Some of the generous scholarships also cover grants to attend workshops and conferences abroad as well as a return airfare to the home country. One may think only students with an outstanding track record are awarded such prestigious scholarships, however, it’s not always true. Every scholarship has different selection criteria. For instance, there are scholarships awarded on “need-based” criteria. Similarly, there are scholarships awarded to specific minorities or scholars working in a specific field of research. Some scholarships are awarded to people working in specific organizations or members of specific institutes. Even, some scholarships are based on the area or region you live in. Therefore, regardless of whether one excels academic line or not, if he is motivated enough, he has ample opportunities to strive for. These scholarships are open from the collegiate level and up to the Ph.D. degree.

Studentships, on the other hand, have no specific or strict general definition. For instance, in the UK, the studentships refer to a scholarship that covers your tuition fee as well as living expenses. But the stipend offered is not as generous as in the case of scholarships and such students are limited to UK nationals only. On the other hand, scholarships in the UK are mostly open to all nationalities and are a bit more generous. While, in the US, the studentship is awarded to scholars against a workload and is exclusively offered to research students, preferably pursuing a Ph.D. degree. The work required is mostly related to academia and may be either research assistantship, teaching, or summer work related to the project. The teaching is usually at the undergraduate level and is advantageous as it provides scholars with hands-on experience before the beginning of the professional career. Also, the amount received by the awardees us usually tax-free. Whereas, in the case of scholarships usually, no teaching requirements are to be fulfilled to get paid.


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