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Summer and Winter breaks are the best time of the year to relax and recharge yourself. During such vacations, we all have plenty of time to reinvigorate our minds. In weekend breaks, students are often preoccupied with the stress of projects, assignments, and homework and so cannot completely relax. You do not need to spend every single day of your vacation in the stress of scholarships. During winter breaks, you can definitely catch-up with your favorite seasons and can go for outings with your friends and enjoy it. While enjoying your vacations, somewhere deep down you will definitely be bothering about your future expenses of education that are waiting for you once your vacations are over. But you do not need to be really stressed regarding this since some easy steps given below can help you to preplan some tasks that will be worth overcoming your future financial frustrations. Considering the free time, it is worth setting your plans for scholarships.

Step 1: School Counselor

Begin with your school counselor and visit the school counselor prior to the start of vacations. The counselor advises can extremely help you to understand the scholarship criteria and when you can apply for it. Besides this, the counselor will also give you lists of scholarships, some important telephone numbers, and information regarding due dates.

One thing you need to keep in time is to visit the counselor a few weeks prior to your graduation. Since the last week is busy for everyone, your counselor might be busy in his hectic routine and so do you so it is best to visit the counselor’s office a few weeks prior.

Most of the exam and graduation ceremonies take place during May and June so the best time to ask is March or April. Even though you can in other months as well but this time is not too busy for counselors and students and hence you are most likely to get his full attention.

Step: 2 Online sources

To remain updated about all scholarship possibilities, you must not remain confined to one source. Articles, websites, official university pages, and even the basic Google search can help you to attain so much information regarding the scholarships.

All the information that online searches provide you, try to create a link to that to your previous knowledge that your counselor explained to you. This way you can choose the best option for your scholarship.

Some online websites can help you in gaining all the necessary information, for instance,

Step 3: Local Companies and Businesses

While the online search, you will come across different local companies or local organization online web sites. Through this, you will come to know about different local branches or locations that are offering many scholarship opportunities.

You can go one step ahead and you may start working in any of the nearby local organizations for a few weeks. Working for such organizations, you will meet other workers or your boss, who can give you valuable information about scholarship opportunities. You have an option to ask them about any scholarships that they may offer.

Step 4: Practice Stage

Until now you would have gathered information regarding scholarship criteria, a list of the colleges that offer scholarships, necessary documents needed to apply for scholarships, and due dates. You would have chosen where to apply and when to apply. Now, this is the practice stage, where you need to prepare a few things before applying for scholarships. You need to practice writing scholarship essays. They are not too easy so you need to work on this. You may consult other people including your parents, friends, family members, and other people who are willing to help you with this. You can even hire a tutor for a month or two to improve your essay writing skills.

Step 5: Organize your time

During vacations, you have plenty of time to relax and preplan for scholarships. If you manage your time well, you can utilize your vacations in every possible way. You may hang out with your friends and watch Netflix series throughout the day but working for your scholarship for two-three hours every day will be worth than anything. These two-three hours in the morning or late at night can play such a major role in your scholarship that your future self will be extremely thank you for these efforts. Time management is the basic factor that will help you to avail of all the possible potential scholarships.


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