Awards and Scholarships are great activities of charity by the founders/donors

Why other countries give scholarships to international students?

Founders/donors who provide any kind of award (doesn’t matter that is a tax-deductible donation or donor-advised fund) in the shape of scholarship support under the wish, to increase educational opportunities for others, is an appreciable step, to become a footing/base of student success and/or develop the good educational level of the society.

Education through scholarship is a great help for the students to carry their education without facing any barriers of finance, ultimately students win his degree and achieve goals of their future success.

Why other countries give scholarships to international students?

One of the most things that, developed countries make to attract talent through offering scholarships for international students, these type of investments is generating the results with compounded interests latterly.

Developed countries hunt a large ratio of academic talents from foreign countries through investment in scholarships like a large number of Professors (for delivering quality education) of their Universities are from other than countries. Now developing countries have also started this practice to hunt foreign talent through investment in scholarships. Through this type of game, universities, organizations, industries, economies, nations, and countries are more developed.

So we can say, sayings of under mentioned are true, in the light of above two,

  • An investment in education is an investment in our future
  • Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world

saeed rana

I was a student leader in my college life and used college student union funds for the help of student's issues and their financial problems. After completing my education, I worked on poverty and education projects, these exercises increased my level of experience. For those students who are struggling with how to find and apply for an international scholarship? I have decided to write educational articles for those. Writing articles on topics like student affairs is now my passion and I can say that it is charity work.

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